On causes-tu pour la cause ?

“To be, or not to be: that is the question” – William Shakespeare

The ones who know my writing style know that I always start with a quote. This one might be the shortest one I have use since I started this blog in 2017, but it may as well be the deepest. Specially if you get so lucky to read the entire act. But we are not here today to discuss William Shakespeare and his work in length, we are here to discuss reflections…My lunch hour reflection to be more precise.

For years, I have seen the Bell “Let’s talk” campaign. No matter how you feel about the company itself, I can say one thing, most Quebecors (or residents) if not all have heard of this every year! It’s always right after the New Year break but far enough in the year, that way we could all be well back into our routine work life. Keeping in mind that for some, the daily work they do does not impact much their intellectual capacities, even less their mental capacity but for others, using your brain every day at its maximum capacity can be tiring.

As I was driving from a site visit, the radio show host couldn’t stop talking about “Julie Payette”, I kept on trying to remember if I knew this name – but I didn’t. I was so preoccupied with my own life reality that I haven’t kept up with the list of Governor General of Canada since Michaëlle Jean… By the time I finished going through my politician name file in my brain, the radio host was already discussing how that woman I mentioned earlier was the subject of rumored office toxicity instigator. Workplace harassment and toxicity was then the hot topic. The host was interviewing a mental health and workplace specialist who was trying to help her decipher whether the bullies are just “difficult”, or they are just “toxic”. Apparently, difficult is something you become, and toxic is something you are…

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