I would never – My IUD experience P.II

“You are putting an object in your body… Just the idea scares me – I would never” – Anonymous friend

Deciding to go with a long term medical procedure as the IUD  is not for everyone. I chickened out several times before thinking like Nike and “just did it”.

Till this day, although I have my full reasoning in Part 1 of this series, I am not sure how I got past my fear of the gynecologist, pain, etc. and did it.

I went to my consultation alone, as the boyfriend I had at the time did not care much about me to come for support – I didn’t ask/he should have offered – okay maybe I’m just being petty ahora. I remember walking in telling myself: “This is just a consultation, you go in ask questions, get out no commitment”.  As soon as I walked into the room and sat down with the nurse I told her: “let’s not waste our time, I’ve done my research, I want the copper IUD.” – Talking about assertion! Usually, they spend a half hour talking to you about different birth control methods, etc. followed by the sentence: “well, I’ll let you think about it”. Which ends up in an unnecessary additional visit to the clinic – No thanks, gas and time are no free amenities.

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How, why an IUD? – My IUD experience P.I

“Abortion is not a form of birth control and parenting is no game”

I heard of the IUD for the first time during one of my internships. This amazing young lady shared with me her experience with the hormonal IUD, the installation, insurances and the life after, in one word: amazing. I was intrigued.

Weirdly enough, since I started this blog, this is the one topic that I thought I would never talk about. In my culture, birth control is frown upon – it’s the devil! A woman who uses birth control is automatically categorized as promiscuous. Although I’ve had my share of sin – just like everyone…C’mon don’t be reading this blog all Mother Teresa’d! – I don’t consider myself promiscuous but I am a cautionary pragmatic. In a nutshell, I’d rather prevent than heal when it comes to a possible life-altering situation that I have control over.

So at one point last year, I got into a long term relationship – thought it would be anyways – and decided to get in touch with my feminine side – really not in the way one would expect… I got a copper IUD!

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