Baby’s R us… Or are they ?

With that being said, there is a lot – I mean: a LOT – of babies in the oven right now. Corona confinement must have done a number on the couples. It would be inevitable that somebody gets fertilized, if all is going well between you and your partner and with spending all that time in house… This is an effect I cannot understand, specially when statistics predicted that the birth rates during a pandemic in North America is expected to decrease considerably. No one wants to be broke, struggling and having a kid – like I said earlier, a baby just happen ! – so lots of couple take advantage of that time to double up on the contraception.

I have now been exposed to a lot of new parents and a few OG’s and I give myself the certified card to share tips and words of wisdom to new parents. Call me parent consultant but I have been out there comforting all the future dads and moms out there, telling them all will be fine. Specially if you are in Canada… I understand you can worry but at some point, you are already there, if our parents were able to raise us… We can raise other people. No, I see you coming at me with the “not everyone should be a parent” speech but guess what, you’re parents (or mine) were probably not meant to be parents either, yet they still made it work – I really hope you did turn out okay because if not, you’re putting this entire paragraph to shame.

So don’t worry, you will be fine, your kid will be fine and it’ll all be fine

To anyone who’s pregnant right now: I see you, *insert a wink + suspiciously intrigued side eye* make sure you take care of yoursef. Remember, yes you are having a baby but you still have a life. Always make sure you take into account your best interest when doing so for your partner’s and your babie’s because guess what, if ever they both leave, you will still need to keep on keeping on .

There is so much baby talk that we could have on here today but I would leave that to parents at “baby and me” sessions.

Do you have any baby fear ?Have you noticed an increased amount of pregnancy around you ? let me know in the comment section below ! In the meantime, I do not see myself pushing a baby out of my Woohha any time soon so I’ll get out of here – ha ha.

Auntie Josie escapes

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