It’s been a long time… And I know you missed me. Sad? You will be no more because I am back !!

I decided to start a quarantine diary – something to do – I figured, since we are all in this, I might as well share how I have been going through it and my game plan for the upcoming days and maybe get your attention off Tik Tok – Oh yes, I have also discovered that!

I have been working from home for 9 days and the only humans I saw were the ones at the groceries. I also saw a few zombies walking down the street… Here’s the thing, I understand humanity’s present situation but does it really mean that we must all look sad and depressed on our walks.  On the other hand, on day 7 I found myself so bored that I started at-home workouts, on day 8 I cleaned my landlord’s parking spot and the porch, on day 9 I buried myself in work, so perhaps on my day 20 walk out I’ll be so bored, you’ll be able to smell it of me meters away.

I keep wondering at what point I will have nothing to do. When will I start being bored bored ? For now, I do not anticipate a boredom peak while I still have to work from home and I am very grateful for that. All jokes aside, it took me 7 workdays to get accustomed to the new way of life. 7 days of cursing at Skype every day and thinking about how my eyesight will considerably decrease following this “time” in.

Before talking to you – article soon – about the different types of working at home folks I have encountered in the recent days. Let me walk you through my 9th in confinement, I will be transparent and honest. If you’re here to judge, I am kindly pointing you to the door – or the X button on top of your browser in this case.

I got up, got ready and sat at my kitchen table turned temporary office space – when do I start charging 250/month for desk space and wifi to the government (I am clearly joking here in case you were a bit slow)? – phone calls for skype meetings start kicking in at 9:00AM and rounded up around 1:00 PM. Skype is great and fun until you have to do it for 4 subsequent hours, a couple of glitches and plenty “Can you hear me”. I must have cursed at the computer several times – I would like to thanks the glitches as no one heard me being a loudmouth – or so I hope.

2:30 PM: I stopped work for a while and have lunch – lunch today was a Haitian meal called Du riz blanc ak legume, made by yours truly after 3 days of hard work. It took me 2 days to cut all the veggies – not a big fan of cutting veggies…

3:00 PM: Perks of working from home – the bed is one wall away, I made my way to the nearest bed as I was break-nap has officially become a new part of my routine – truly amazing and will be intensely missed upon or return to normal.

As I am laying on the bed, carelessly watching Tik Tok, I get an invite for a meeting at 5:00PM, I therefore decide that to stay within an healthy dose of working from home hours, I would go back to work at 4:00 PM – and actually did !

5:00 PM: Meeting starts and as I have nothing but time, it ended at 7:00 M, a timeframe that I secretly enjoyed as I did not have to find non-work activities to occupy myself with non-work activities -a list that is currently running low…

9:00 PM: I finally caught up to my liking at work so I shut down for the day and start the dishes

9:30 PM: I join my sister for what I called “QuarHomeTeam” House Party gym session. – this at home workout thing is becoming interesting – my abs are hurting already and it’s only day 3!

10:30 PM: After stretching real good, I facetime my other half (Josie^2) while hoping in the shower, we chatted until I had to leave to start writing this blog.

It is now 1:35 AM and I have done every other thing while writing, even witnessed a Stripclub Instagram Live – more on that in a later diary.  I will probably post this on Day 10 as the odds are that I will fall asleep correcting this – I did hit the hay haha.

What about you, how’s confinement going? Any signs of crazy yet?

See you later or tomorrow – I know you will be patiently waiting,

Josie escapes…


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