Doctor : “Only 2 steps left and we are done !” – This was a normal day in her life.

I made a lot of enemies by not sharing the actual appointment details in I would never – My IUD experience P.II . But look at it this way, what’s the point of doing a series, If I give you all the story at once…

While you think about that, let’s pick up where we left off…

After registration, myself and my friend/roommate get directed towards the waiting room. I waited for roughly 7 minutes and although these may not have been the longest seven minutes of my life, they were long enough for me to come back on my decision twice and convinced myself once and for all too dive in.

As I was impatiently waiting, a girl I can only assumed just had the procedure done got out of the consultation alley. I could see the pain of a 9 months pregnant woman with contractions in her eyes – although she was not pregnant . She almost cried, had trouble walking, was breathing heavy. At that moment, I got scared. I did not want to go through with this anymore…

The nurse finally called me in. I met with a woman in the corridor that could smell the stress emanate off me “She’s really good ! It’ll be done in no time” she shouted. I handed in my last minute bought IUD to the nurse and told her I had substituted my advils for 500 mg Naproxen 15 mins ago. “Okay, you should be ready then! It’ll be fine. I’ll let you get ready and the doctor will be in in a bit” She said.

They encourage you to discuss and ask questions during the process – it makes it less awkward for both parties. In my case, the doctor felt like it was important to talk me through the steps so I could be more relaxed. The first step was -obviously – to insert the speculum inside my tunnel – So its clear : that was okay, it’s never a great feeling. A few long seconds with legs up in the air and a metal piece stuck up the vavavoom went by as the doctor was preparing what I’d call ” The installation kit”.Once ready, she proceeded with the part where in YouTube they told me I would feel one big period cramp then it will be done… This statement was a lie.

“Take a deep breath, I’m going to open your cervix now”. Although I took painkillers, this was not what I was expecting….I felt a deep core pain. It was definitely not a period cramp, it was the secret door of my body opening up. I wanted to slap the doctor and run as far as I physically could – which at that particular moment would have been to the nearest door. “I’m going to do the installation now” – Oh God, why is this woman still talking my insides could literally shred any minute now – and my desperate self shouted :”Wait i thought it was one step!!!??” She smirked as she told me to stay still. For the next  10 seconds, I was convincing myself that If  I moved only a millimeter, I would regret it for the longest time. It was warm/cold and felt like a poking needle. Afterwards, It was time to remove the “cervix speculum” – the tool they use to open your cervix – want the name ? Ask a doctor – and cut  the strings short.  I  felt everything.

“That’s it, we are done, see it wasn’t that bad ?” says the lady while removing her gloves.

The doctor left, I stayed in the same position for a little while, gathering my senses and realizing that there was no going back at this point. Getting dress was an easy task but I did it with extreme caution as any wrong gesture could bring me back to that elevated bed sooner rather than later – that’s what I thought anyways…

Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I had prepared myself to –  it wasn’t completely smooth either. The feeling experienced definitely took me by surprise and If you ever do this, you will feel a profound connection with yourself – Never felt before consciousness! and you might understand me better.

I made my way to the common waiting area, where I would wait 10 mins before driving back home. I was sitting  and feeling something. I know it was all in my brain but believe me, there was something foreign inside my body. Would it get expelled ? Will I be cramping for the next month ? Should I go get these diaper pads now ? My head was spinning.

And from this point on, nothing would ever be the same…

Josie Escapes…



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