I would never – My IUD experience P.II

“You are putting an object in your body… Just the idea scares me – I would never” – Anonymous friend

Deciding to go with a long term medical procedure as the IUD  is not for everyone. I chickened out several times before thinking like Nike and “just did it”.

Till this day, although I have my full reasoning in Part 1 of this series, I am not sure how I got past my fear of the gynecologist, pain, etc. and did it.

I went to my consultation alone, as the boyfriend I had at the time did not care much about me to come for support – I didn’t ask/he should have offered – okay maybe I’m just being petty ahora. I remember walking in telling myself: “This is just a consultation, you go in ask questions, get out no commitment”.  As soon as I walked into the room and sat down with the nurse I told her: “let’s not waste our time, I’ve done my research, I want the copper IUD.” – Talking about assertion! Usually, they spend a half hour talking to you about different birth control methods, etc. followed by the sentence: “well, I’ll let you think about it”. Which ends up in an unnecessary additional visit to the clinic – No thanks, gas and time are no free amenities.

The nurse was surprised and happy: “well then !” – probably because I just saved her from an excruciating speech. She proceeded to the IUD insertion demonstration – she showed me the copper IUD and explained the procedure, how they will use the speculum – google it- then and an IUD syringe to propel the copper instrument in my uterus going through my cervix – So many terms I got a headache. To be quite frank, I have a feeling about what was explained versus what I experienced – 2 different things…

Then I had to undergo my first ever PAP test. It is mandatory to ensure you have no infection/diseases and the installation could be done without risk. They also do a few tests for STD’s, then, I was free to go.

The PAP test itself was less uncomfortable then I thought – maybe due to the 2 Advils I had taken 30 mins before the appointment or maybe because she was gentle – ok that sounds weird. still not the best position to be in tough, when you think of it, you’re just laying there, they ask you to scooch down as much as possible and put your feet up…? Oh, I only find it weird, okay !

I still felt it, I felt the metal piece go in, widen, the swab, the shrinkage, the removal – Done.

I was then instructed on the next steps: It has to be installed on the last period day, no sex starting the first period day, no sex or any other items inserted in after, expect pain, heavy flow, cramps, and possible irregular period. Okay, I’m ready! Give me a date and see you, lady and just like that, I was out – for now.

I followed the instructions to the dot, the day of the insertion, I took some naproxen – they suggested Advils – roughly 15 mins prior to my appointment. I also bought my IUD the day of install – they suggested several weeks before in case of pharmacies running out of stock… I was prescribed the Mona Lisa 5, NT Cu380, copper IUD – I was semi-ready.

The day of, I woke up anxious, thinking I would be doing this by myself and questioning my life choices, luckily enough my roommate was free and tagged along. I drove us to the clinic.

I will forever remember this day, I will also remember that the youtube girls sentence:” It feels just like an intense period cramp” is a lie. To me anyways, but as I have mentioned before, I am not a health care worker so you might want to ask your Gyno.

On that note,

Josie escapes…

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