How, why an IUD? – My IUD experience P.I

“Abortion is not a form of birth control and parenting is no game”

I heard of the IUD for the first time during one of my internships. This amazing young lady shared with me her experience with the hormonal IUD, the installation, insurances and the life after, in one word: amazing. I was intrigued.

Weirdly enough, since I started this blog, this is the one topic that I thought I would never talk about. In my culture, birth control is frown upon – it’s the devil! A woman who uses birth control is automatically categorized as promiscuous. Although I’ve had my share of sin – just like everyone…C’mon don’t be reading this blog all Mother Teresa’d! – I don’t consider myself promiscuous but I am a cautionary pragmatic. In a nutshell, I’d rather prevent than heal when it comes to a possible life-altering situation that I have control over.

So at one point last year, I got into a long term relationship – thought it would be anyways – and decided to get in touch with my feminine side – really not in the way one would expect… I got a copper IUD!

Before choosing my birth control method, I went through an elimination process – it’s not like choosing a pair of socks!!

Ring – This thing comes with an owners manual – Pass !

Patch – Paaaaatchhhhhhhh (*Insert 2019 Soulja boy meme*) 

Depo shots – Have you seen the mood swings/breakouts/hormonal imbalance youtube video reviews ??? – Nahh

Pills – Of course I would forget these, every 2 days!

I could go on but all in all, I just did not want to get anything hormonal as I am enough of a woman as I am (to my likings.).

The second step into my pre-IUD search was Youtube! Now! I would like to tell you that this platform has in no shape and form encouraged me to sign up for birth control… Don’t worry it was not as bad as for the depo shots. The videos on copper IUD’s were lacking information and updates. I wrote down the worst possible outcomes, talked myself through how I would handle each situation if they were to occur and the next thing I know I was booking my first consultation at the nearest woman clinic.

By making that phone call, I was voluntarily signing up for the following (maybe) according to youtube: 

  • PAP test
  • Pain during insertion
  • Pain after insertion
  • A month-long period
  • 2-3 month long period
  • Severe period cramps
  • Flow heavier than a kilo bag of sand – River 
  • Going through pads like a sick person (cold)  goes through kleenex 
  • Dislodged IUD – go through the painful insertion (PI) again
  • Perforation of your uterus – extreme PI process again + healing time + complication
  • Expulsion of your IUD – PI again 

Now a disclaimer, I am in no shape or form a health expert, just Josie sharing a life experience as not much woman do this. I have decided to go with an IUD because or the next 5 years, although I don’t intend to get busy, I like a back up plan in case of an accident, because I have seen people go through the “A” process (Very strong woman may I mention) and I’m not sure this is something I would be able to follow through with. Put it this way, having the fire extinguisher, in case the kitchen catch fire doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be cooking! I also feel like its a great way to stick to my own children baring timeline and make sure the real one is on board with it – it’s done, it’s in there, no mini-me for at least 5 years, entende ? 

The days leading up to the first consultation were stressful and full of events, I even got into a car accident where I had a second look at life. In part II, I will share with you my experience from the first visit to the installation.

On that note,

Josie Escapes…



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