What is it really ?

“A budget tells us what we can’t afford but it doesn’t keep us from buying it”

William Feather

Lately, I have been working a lot. Yet, I am still very broke.

 Not sure If I am the only one experiencing this or If I am doing something wrong? Have you ever been in a position where you feel like having one stream of income is not enough?

At a friends birthday 2 weeks ago, we were discussing how much I do make money for my age but I still don’t have money to spend on general family/friends social affairs. The conversation went somewhat like followed :

Friend: You are always working, you should be rich now and making a lot of money

Me: Not enough, No…

“How come ?” he replied with his eyes filled with astonishment and curiosity, I went on to say that my lifestyle needs are not met with my current paycheck. I have always heard people say that one should live within their means, which is what I do, but there is nothing wrong with wanting nice things.

I proceeded to explain how I have moved on to a better apartment and my quality of life has improved since. I also have school debt that I need to catch up on before interest kills the living hell out of me. I have money to give to people and I cannot be frivolously spending.

Let’s not lose track…Financial times are currently very hard. Time and patience are some of the valuable keys to success. The Millenial in me cannot get around that, the famous I want everything and I want it now or yesterday mindset is a tough one to get rid of.

As we are getting close to the one year anniversary of me being in a university classroom, I can clearly say that I have seen lifestyle improvements, I can also clearly state that I  am not there yet. I compare the actual profit I make off my salary to a 19-year-old leaving with their parents working 12  hour week at your local corner store, very low income but not so bad living conditions, and when a few phone and gas bills are paid is left with no money until the next cheque.

The approach I currently have is to not overspend, eat home as much as I can, stay healthy and save on tank fuel by biking to work as much as I can, pay off the bills to build up a decent credit score and lastly, read and research for my life goals.

And you? How would you compare your current financial situation?

Looking forward to the future,

Josie Escapes…

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