You are now old!

“You are the oldest that you have ever been and the youngest that you will ever be in this present moment.”

How do you spend your time? What do you do to fulfill your dreams?

At brunch this morning, I had an interesting conversation about how a busy individual would always know what they would do when not busy and when actual free time comes, it is wasted, leaving one wondering if they ever would do anything anymore. We came to the conclusion that it is all about planning. I say: “If you plan your free time the way you plan your life, you might actually accomplish way more in life…”

That being said, after my recent birthday, I have been feeling old! As if someone had lied to me… or all the oldies have (excuse my french) – Wiser -to no say old- people always look at young people with such envie. The common phrase:” when I was in my 20’s nothing could stop me! I was on fire my energy was through the roof and I experienced no physical pain at all!”

Quick reminder, I am in my 20’s! I experience occasional back pain, feel very tired often, Pass out after 3 drinks, experience slight body soreness.

I’m really trying to be positive there but…

Josie escapes…

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