The afterlife

This is going to be a short one.

I graduated… Most of you probably expected a dedicated post on how I feel and all. Sadly, this is not happening now or anytime soon. But to give you a brief insight, I graduated and I don’t feel proud.

Very deeply do not want to go to graduation but will be forced to by families and friends.

It has officially been a month of after undergrad life. I cannot complain, I do not miss school! Don’t get me wrong I love learning and subjects, just not a big fan of the university system – I loved the coop part though!

This experience as bad or good as it may have been had taught me a lot. I have lost myself, found myself and now that I am free, I can focus on new goals!

One thing is … I am really looking forward to starting long term planning. I really wish I could elaborate more on this matter but I cannot. I like sharing with you guys after I go through the experience not before!

On that note,

Josie escapes….

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