Rock Bottom ? Was it !??

Apparently Rock Bottom has a basement… – random quote 

It’s funny how sometimes, you can tell yourself : ” This is it ! It is the worst possible for me, – because someone else might have lower lows – I don’t think it can get any worse.” And definitely life has a way of proving us wrong every time – as if its ultimate goal was to stick it up your bum every time your think you’re the S$*t.

“Oh ! So you think you got it together eh !? hahaha… Well looks like you don’t know me! ” – life.

I had already told myself that maybe – just maybe – I tend to exaggerate sometimes.  I recently got to the end of term “mess”. e and disappointment but instead I’m here watching Grace & Frankie – that is my favorite show according to Blues (Mentioned in I guess I’m valuable) – in a not so mellow mood.

Yesterday, I was feeling like the world was falling apart :

  • Not motivated at all
  • Thinking too much about the future
  • Major economical issue
  • Tired and fed up of  the requirements of life right now
  • I’ve been doubting my skills and how I will be able to get through the few weeks left of my before last semester
  • Lack of excitement for anything really

For some reason , I still manage to made it to my first class, with M. Laberge (last class before his retirements) about Canadian Studies. After the class I walked up to thank him for the semester and wish him the best – I liked the  class. He talked to me about my future plans (Whom once told me that I could work as a retail buyer for Simons because I would be a good fit), I told him how getting close to the end is overwhelming and I get scared sometimes. He responded :” You know, once you finished, Sky is the limit ! And don’t forget, when things get overwhelming, close the lights and go to sleep, everything will fall in to place at your wakening”. I remember thinking to myself as I was running to my next class that  what  he  said was insane, what about deadlines ? what about figuring things out ? Why not just face it ?

After my Class,  Silvia – one of my girl friend and classmates that is graduating this semester, Congrats girl !! – and I decided to go grab a  bite @  Father and Sons , an almost on Campus food go to (resto/bar) when you get tired of the various nun-interesting food locations around school. It was 2:30 PM and we had plan to get some work done after. I told myself that at this point nothing could go worse so I decided to have a drink with my meal, the bartender suggested a “Porn-star” and to be honest I agreed more because of my taste buds  curiosity regarding the name than the drink itself…

So approximately 2 hours and 2 porn-star later we were in our favorite (sarcasm) study location. My unmotivated self sat down, opened her laptop, ready to work, had an interesting discussion over the Pepsi/Kendall Commercial for approximately 45 mins and played with my phone for an hour afterwards while Silvia was filling her student duties. At the end of this unproductive nonsense I decided to stop making a fool of myself and Ubered home. Once home, another failed attempt to study and a few bank letters led me to bed – I was going to shut  everything down and go to bed (just as the teacher said !) !

Thankfully, I woke up in a better mood around 3:00 AM. It is now 6:00 AM and I did the  dishes, scrolled through my news feed, did some homework research ! Wow! Maybe the teacher knew what he was talking about!

Recently, I’ve been training myself to stop stressing and worrying, Blues and Sylvia believe that we should only worry about things we can control. I think they might be on to something there… I also realize that life may be f*ck$$g you over but all always ends  up falling into place like a puzzle –  if you just work on it a little. Rock bottom has a basement but it also have doors and stairs leading to the upper level

On that note, I will go work on my puzzle while I’m down to do so.

Josie escapes…

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