Who am I ? – Part 1

” Too black for the whites, to white for the blacks”

Now, don’t get it twisted, my hair is nappy – in it’s natural state – and my skin is black. Continue reading

OMG Thomas !!

Another philosophy morning in my university curriculum.

On Friday February  10th -2017, we discussed Thomas Hobbes. Man.. !!! I knew that my thoughts in For your own sake, don’t think ! were already discussed by someone before. Who did I think I was !!!??? trying to bring new Idea into this world ha-ha (When they already exist).

Thomas believed that the human being is naturally violent and we need to create a certain type of civilization to be able to co-exist. He even pushed it to saying that religion was made up.

I feel like studying Thomas will definitely help me frame my thoughts a bit better. So that will be my next “little personal project”.

Don’t worry, I will keep you updated on my research !

Josie escapes…

No strength, No Gain

I’m here to tell you don’t give up !

5:00 AM – I’m still trying to write an assignment due by midnight tonight… Why and how did I let myself get to this point (Procrastination Queen)

I had already joked about it once :” You call it procrastination, I call it excellent time management skills”  … I mean when you look at it, I don’t necessarily procrastinate, I just go on with my life effecting various tasks (Netflix, eating, everything but studying…) and usually do my assignments at a certain time that some people would call “last minute” *Insert eye roll* . But at the end of the day, I did plan on doing it at this time-hours prior to the deadline. Therefore, is that still considered procrastination ?

We’ve all heard the saying : “Don’t push to tomorrow, what you can do today !! – or something like that ”

Well I say, why not ?

Josie escapes…