It’s My Birthday !!!

Age is nun but a number!

Yeah, a 24th of January like this, a lady was giving birth to me (It’s currently 1:45 PM and I was born at 8:00 – therefore  I was already birthed…)

I realized that the new year is not actually the mainstream 1st of January but my birth date, because technically… That is where my story begins and where we started counting although I don’t mind the New Years Festivity !!!

Time to reflect on the past? Moan my mistakes? Nah, I’m skipping all these this year since I sense that the best is yet to come.

Celebrate Josie’s New Year! There are no new years without wishes and/or resolutions…

I would like to be more patient – in life in general, more understanding – especially of God’s plan. I hope to become a better friend to those who have been there for me in the past and that I have failed in the last year. Hope to be wiser/smarter and have the necessary strength to complete this last undergrad year (so far looking impossible). I’m looking forward to becoming a “glass half full” person – seeing the positive first. I will attempt to not disappoint or hurt anyone that I  care or could care about as I may have probably done in the past. I hope to forgive and be forgiven. I hope to live in a better world while empowering and motivating the people around me.

On that positive note, I’m off to an endless afternoon of class – wish ya girl luck!

Josie Escapes…

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