For your own sake, don’t think !

How do philosophy students do? Like. Really? 

As I sat through my second philosophy class EVER today…. I couldn’t stop thinking! You know, this roller coaster of thought when you are arguing with the teacher – in your head because you are actually just day dreaming, while he keeps on spitting the knowledge to the “passionates”.

I felt like my brain was racing with the topic – Isn’t it rude not to listen to your teacher… But what can one do when the disturbance comes from within?

First off  – Disclaimer: On what you will read below – we might not agree. Questioning religion, I’m not saying that the idea of God is fictional!  I do believe that there is a God – but my personal beliefs  (Which can be discussed another time) are not the point of this post. I am simply walking you through my brain as I assist a class on what most people think is the most interesting subject that can exist.

All jokes and spiritual beliefs aside. I already asked myself: ” What if religion was the first form of law?”.

Maybe some ancient felt like we needed to be “tamed” as human beings and decided that : “Thou shall not commit adultery, Thou shall not steal, etc.” – Hope you’re not expecting me to go through all the 10 commandments  (if you don’t know them, google them)!   Of course, this is the thinking of a sinner, trying to convince herself that it is totally fine to do x because the idea that x was wrong was pre-determined by just another human being (Fault?).

For years and years, people lived in fear and in righteousness. Staying out of trouble (most of the time) and following the Guy above… Until one lost soul decided that reason should be the source of any  action – Philosophy completely changed the game!

Well, If I paid attention in class, Democritus, ancient Greek philosopher for all and father of science for some, believed that  the soul is made of tiny spherical particles that can be associated with Fire (ever heard of the 4 elements, if not, some more googling for you!). Therefore, the human itself becomes an “agitated” being. So, in order to coexist, we must come to agreements between ourselves… The idea of a character creating religion so that we don’t all go savage (As in Lord of the Flies) is probably not THAT crazy.

It is no secret that things are a bit off around the  world lately – If you feel like all is “Gucci”in our pink world, perhaps a reality check would not harm… I was wondering if all happening now isn’t a direct result of the mortals breaking down barriers and pushing the limits of their intellect. What if science didn’t exist ? What if we just stayed “blessed”? Would there be no war (although the flesh has been fighting since the beginning of time)? Would there be less sinners? So many questions-that we will never have the answer to…  I would love to walk you through all of them, but I need to leave you wanting more – don’t I?

Till then, I’ve been suggested not to think in class: “Write and you’ll think later..” he said.

Worth a try – I guess.

Josie escapes…

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