It’s My Birthday !!!

Age is nun but a number!

Yeah, a 24th of January like this, a lady was giving birth to me (It’s currently 1:45 PM and I was born at 8:00 – therefore  I was already birthed…) Continue reading


Stay home & Get fat !

I recently found out how hard it is to cancel the Goodlife Membership !

I genuinely  think that everyone wants to be in their most optimal shape !

My battle with healthy life… Oh my, where to start ?? I had a trainer ?  I’ve been on diets ? I’m not sure what I want my body to look like, All I  know is that I’m looking forward to be healthy one day. Continue reading

Josie’s Escape

This blog was created at birth. 

Starting a blog has always been in the back of my head, but as we all know… with all dreams comes obstacles.

Always been a dreamer… thought I could  conquer the world ! Yet, I was lacking action, would always find a reason why writing a blog would be the worst possible idea: no English writing experience, no readers, nothing to share, waste of  time, etc.

Several fights with my own brain later, I decided that there was  nothing to lose as I say to myself : “I am not a writer, but I have a feeling that writing will help free my mind.”!

In this blog, there will be stories, various reflections, reviews and much more.

“I am not a writer, but I have a feeling that writing will help free my mind.”

Hope you will enjoy… or not ha-ha!

Josie escapes…